Welcome to Zydecon Intelliservices

Who are we?
We see our self as a one-stop-shop for all your business research and outsourcing needs. We have stand-alone and bundled services as well as flexible price packages to suite specific needs of large enterprises, small and medium companies as well as start-ups.
Are you interested in outsourcing your business process?
Outsource your web based survey reporting, verbatim coding, data processing, data tabulations and SPSS labeling on a cost effective, efficient and result oriented business model.
Are you looking for an end-to-end market research solutions provider?
Retain our staff for your market research and feedback surveys, competitor intelligence and market tracking studies and financial forecasting to support you in making more effective strategic decisions.
Are you a startup looking for a partner to help your brand grow?
We can help you develop your brand from the very beginning by providing: website development » market sizing and brand effectiveness studies » customer attributes surveys » online media marketing » KPI tracking » customer data management and regular business reporting.

Featured Services

ConfirmIT Reportal Outsourcing
Avail never before flexibility and highly competitive price by outsourcing your ConfirmIT Reportal work to our qualified and well trained team headed by seasoned ConfirmIT professionals. Know more
Complete Business Intelligence Package
Our business intelligence package covers every stage of secondary business research process from online data mining to market trending, KPI analysis and business reporting. Know more
Web Starter Package
Our starter web package provide free hosting and customizability options along with advanced features like flash animations and advanced forms at a highly discounted price. Know more
Training 2.0
Advanced delivery and engagement methodologies ensure maximum retention of learned techniques and web support gives optimum flexibility and pace to the process. Know more